Our Team

Dr. Zak Dental Care and Orthodontics is serving the Valencia community since 1996

At Dr. Zak Dental Care, we are committed to continually evolve and invest into the most effective state of the art dental technology and techniques and join forces with the best dental professionals. We believe that it is our duty to educate our fellow neighbors in the community, on how to maintain their oral health and manage their dental care costs. In this way be provide every one of our patients with excellent, comprehensive AND affordable dental care.

Meet our Dental Team

Our staff is trained and skilled, and we strive to provide energetic and fun-loving service to each patient. Each member of our treatment team is a registered assistant, and our office staff has years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of care.

Dr Ilya Zak, DDS , our team  Dr. Ilya Zak, DDS

Dr. Zak has been treating patients in the Santa Clarita community since 1996.   He graduated from USC Dental School in 1990 and served as a part time clinical instructor at his alma mater for many years.   As the clinical team of Zak Dental grew, he adopted a similar quality control and accountability system practiced at USC Dental school to our practices.  He practices a patient centric approach that is designed to optimize patient wellness by treating dental and gum disease and helping patients achieve their personal oral health goals  

Dr. Vahe, DDS, dentist Dr. Vorporian

Dr. Vorporian graduated in 1999 with is DDS degree from Armenia, has been practicing in California     since 2005 and has much extended education in cosmetic restoration, endodontics and implant surgery. He loves his career in Dentisty and his main goal is for his patients to smile with more confidence. Dr. Vorporian has a beautiful wife and two amazing daughters. He speak English, Arabic and Armenian.


Dr. Armen Galustian

Dr. Galustian graduated from the Azad Tehran University of Medical Sciences, School of Dentistry, with his D.D.S in 2003. Dr. Armen worked in the Iranian Air-force Hospital and helped establish a new dental office. Since moving to California and receiving his California Dental License, Dr. Armen has volunteered his time with USC mobile dental geared towards providing free oral health care to underprivileged children in the L.A. area.