Professional Teeth Whitening

To get a healthy, gorgeous smile, the best way is to have it done in professional way, by a dentist or a hygienist.  There is no over the counter product that will give you the same result in quality and comfort.

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Laser Treatment in Dentistry

In this video Dr. Zak’s dentist explains laser treatment and how laser is used in dentistry.

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Composite Restorations vs. Amalgam Restorations

Amalgam restorations have been used to restore decayed and damaged teeth for over 150 years. Most people refer to amalgam fillings as ‘silver’ fillings because of their color when first place. But with technological advances, dentistry is now utilizing 7th generation bonding systems that are an ‘all-in-one’ system.

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Composite Bonding for Anterior Teeth

Composite bonding for the anterior teeth are used for minor cosmetic applications: gapped teeth, discolored teeth, chipped or fractured teeth, misaligned teeth, or to correct tooth size.

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Fixed and Removable Implant Restorations

The “all on four “treatment concept was developed by Dr. Paulo Malo with straight and angled Implants to provide edentulous patients with an immediately loaded full arch restoration with only four implants.

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Porcelain Materials

Today dentists use new materials, such as Porcelain, Zirconia which provides superior  strength , fracture resistance and retention. This allow a very thin restorations with minimum tooth reduction and great aesthetic qualities.

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